Day 10-11: July 11-12 Ontario

Sudbury, or Greater Sudbury, has a population of 161,000 (2016 census).

Nickel ore was discovered here in 1883. Sudbury was once a world leader in nickel mining.

* * *

Still headed south and east along the #17 in the general direction of Niagara Falls. Ontario is huge–it seems to just go on and on.

From Cheryl’s journal: “From Sault St Marie we drove east to Sudbury. A rainy cloudy day. We could see lots of lakes. Sudbury is a very industrial town. Large stacks could be seen as we drove into town. No thunderstorms! We parked in the Walmart parking lot. About 10:00 pm or just after a police or security officer (not sure which) knocked on our door and told us we couldn’t park overnight.  I was in my PJs and Marcel had even less clothing on. He did offer that the Canadian Tire across the street allowed overnight parking. So us and four other motor homes started up our engines and headed across the street to the Canadian Tire. It was nice that we didn’t have to start looking for a place to stay at 10:00 pm.

Next morning as we were getting ready to leave, I noticed coolant leaking. We waited until 8:00 am to talk to the Canadian Tire Auto (good luck that we were there). Unfortunately, they didn’t work on motor homes. They gave us Michael Labrie Auto’s address and thought that he could help. Unfortunately he was too busy to help unless we wanted to wait until Monday. Being Friday, we didn’t want to lose 3 days in Sudbury. He sent us across town to Enterprise Radiator. They only worked on radiators if they were pulled out of the vehicle. Next door the auto shop couldn’t help either, but gave us a few phone numbers who might be able to. Thank goodness for our cell phone. We called. They didn’t work on motor homes either. Getting very discouraged we tried another number. They couldn’t either, but thought that Volvo Mack might be able to. We got the phone number and called. After telling them our troubles, they said they were busy but would try to help us get on our way. We headed back across town and west to Lively (7 kms outside Sudbury) going the wrong way! We drove in and almost immediately they got to work. Within half an hour they discovered it was the radiator cap. It wasn’t holding the vacuum under pressure. Luckily they actually had a cap in stock. No special order was required as had been threatened by a couple of the other shops as they thought we’d have to replace the whole radiator. $129 and 3 hours later, we were on our way. It could have been much worse. Oh, and if I haven’t mentioned it before, thank God for the GPS. We wouldn’t have been able to get around to all these different places without it. We have really used it. How did people travel before GPS and cell phones?”

Stopped for lunch at a lovely rest stop July 11.

Camping at Wasaga Pines, July 12. Wasaga Pines is on the 92, not far from Wasaga Beach.

From the journal: “Tonight, Friday we decided it was time for a shower (a real shower) as we had been just rinsing our bodies off with a cloth. So we started looking for a campground. Harder than we thought. Forgetting it was the weekend. We found Wasaga Pines on our way to Wasaga Beach. It was on a backroad. It did have a pool and mini golf and a large jelly mould trampoline. We went via Wasaga Beach as we wanted to miss Toronto and head for Niagara Falls before we headed further east.  I didn’t realize Niagara Falls was such a long ways out of the way, but hoping it’s worth it.”

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