Day 11: July 13 Ontario

Niagara Falls sits on the western bank of the Niagara River, with a population of 88,000 (2016 census).

The spectacle of the Falls draws millions of tourists each year; it is known as the Honeymoon Capital of the World.

* * *

We finally made it to the far southern corner of Ontario that we’d been aiming for for days, to Niagara Falls.

From Cheryl’s journal: “NIAGARA FALLS! It was very emotional for me as I thought of my Mom. It was one place she told me she had always wanted to visit. It was breathtaking. I need to spend more time here. Very hard for Marcel with the amount of people. We walked for hours going from parking lot C to the US border bridge. Up the street were all kinds of attractions. The Zip line, the Hornblower, the Journey to the Falls. None of which Marcel could do. After hours of walking around, taking pictures, having hot dogs, we drove to the Walmart parking and found quiet. The liquor store was right next door. Drove Marcel to drink! LOL Looked like another thunderstorm was building up, at this point however it looks like it has dissipated. Tonight we are having leftovers again. Why did I bring so much food?”

All of the above were taken July 13, at that never-busy-with tourists Niagara Falls, ON. We spent an extremely long but ridiculously fun day, doing everything there was to do in the place, and inventing really long walks in between just for even more fun.

The constant drone of a half-million tourists was as hard as I suspected, but I was not overwhelmed.

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