Day 12: July 14 Ontario

From Cheryl’s journal: “July 14 A beautiful day. Wake up this morning thinking we would be headed on the road again. To my surprise Marcel wanted to go back down to the Falls area. We decided to walk the 3.7 kms, there was just so much to see.

We took in the IMAX and the Daredevil Exhibition. Crazy people to try and go over the falls and crazier some actually succeed. In the exhibition they had quite a few of the containers that people went over in. One had a car seat and a seat belt. Not sure how he survived. Although many didn’t and hence that is why it’s against the law to try.

We took in a 6D Wild West ride which was a lot of fun. Had a game of mini golf. We wanted to go up the 775 ft tower, but to do it for free we needed to stay for lunch and it wasn’t open yet. We did ride the Sky Wheel that soared 175 ft. in the air. Pretty amazing. There was so much more to do: indoor skydiving, zip line, Go Kart speedway, Marine Land, Whirlpool jet boat tour, and of course the Hornblower (Canadian) or Maiden of the Mist (US).  The things to do with kids were so surprising. I thought this was a honeymoon destination!

We were beat by the time we walked back to the motor home. Got our exercise today. Having beer in the fridge was a great motivator to get home.”

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Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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