Day 14: July 16 Quebec

Quebec is Canada’s largest province by area, and is considered part of Central Canada along with Ontario.

Quebec, whose provincial capital is Quebec City, has a predominantly French-speaking population, although the folks we encountered were fluent in English as well.

Most residents live along the Saint Lawrence River from Montreal to Quebec City.

Quebec City, with a population of 530,000 (2016 census), was founded as a French settlement by Samuel de Champlain in 1608.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “July 16 We hit Quebec this morning and started along the south shore of the St Laurence river. Very scenic. Huge old houses dotted the side of the river, and some were very colorful.”

Cheryl’s journal: “July 16 We camped at a Walmart just south of Quebec City. It’s different when only French is shown on signs, feel like a fish out of water. Marcel knows a little, so that helps. Went out for dinner for Marcel’s birthday. Had “real” Poutine with real curd. The gravy was delicious and went throughout the fries. Marcel had the General Tao chicken w/ tofu switched in. It was yummy tofu, just the way we like it.”

The idea is to drive through Quebec City and make straight for the south shore of the St Laurence River, which will open up into the Gaspe Peninsula.

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