Day 15: July 17 Quebec

Matane was established as a fur trading post in 1616. It’s population as of 2011 was 14,000.

* * *

From the journal: “Happy Birthday Marcel! We left Quebec City under a darkened sky. Outside the city there were many strawberry and potato farms. Rolling hills. Large grassy fields. We drove along the south shore of the Saint Lawrence River. Very picturesque. Driving through the towns the houses were right beside the road. Their steps landed at the sidewalk. Those that were beside the Saint Lawrence were mostly small cabin-like houses. Only in one town were they normal – large. Driving, the wind got very strong and gusty, knocking us around quite a bit. A little scary, held onto the rest arm expecting to go off the road. Not fun! We stopped at one of the rest areas on the beach and took a couple of pictures. Stopped at Matane for the night at Walmart. Went out for a birthday dinner and had ribs, and paid for it later. My stomach still feels having meat in my diet. But so worth it! They were delicious. Decided it was time for a shower and laundry. I looked on RV Parky (an app that shows all RV sites and sani-dumps throughout Canada) for a campsite and found one on the tip of the Gaspe Peninsula. 

July 17 The south shore of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. This is precisely why we came out here.

July 17 The drive feels worth it with scenery like this. We are exactly two weeks into the trip, and we’re not even close to half-way.

From the journal: “I booked the room, hopefully. Her English wasn’t very good and I’m hopeless with French. I think I got across that I wanted to stay for a couple of nights and how long our motor home was to ensure we could fit into the spot.

Had a few games and read and went to bed. 

PS The fridge started working again. Not sure, but I’m having my suspicions that it’s the rain. Seems like every time it dries out, it starts to work again.”

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