Day 19: July 21 New Brunswick

New Brunswick is one of four Atlantic provinces and is officially bilingual. It’s capital is Fredericton.

Campbellton, with a population of 6,800 (2016 census), is situated on the south bank of the Restigouche River.

Forestry and tourism are major industries in the local economy.

* * *

Arriving in New Brunswick on the weekend, but having to wait until Monday to have our ailing vehicle looked at, we decided to camp.

We couldn’t have found a better spot, right on the Restigouche River, gazing at that famous bridge.

From the journal: “Campbellton is at the headwaters of the Restigouche Rivere or Patapedia River. The city was built on the salmon fishery. We camped right at the river head. Another thunderstorm hit us again tonight (#6). So far the motor home is leak proof.”

If you google up Campbellton NB you see this image.

July 20-21 We spent the weekend exploring the wonderful downtown core of Campbellton. Even though everything was closed on Sunday, Timmies (Tim Horton’s) was buzzing with a long lineup, like every other Timmies we came across in Canada.

The journal: “Woke up to a misty morning. Took a walk along the waterway. They have a small outdoor amphitheater and have acts on Saturday nights. If we had only known. Hopefully they didn’t get rained out. Came back to the motor home as it started to rain harder. Guess it’s a day for gaming lol.”

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