Day 18: July 20 Quebec

We are leaving the Gaspe Peninsula and Quebec on an incredible high from the magnificent scenery, but all is not well. Our 1988 Vanguard–an antique really–is in trouble.

The motor home is leaking a mystery fluid right into the passenger side of the cab, from the engine compartment. We don’t know it yet, but our heater core–which heats the inside cabin where we sit–has split. It’s attached directly to the radiator, which has serious implications for engine cooling.

This is a do or die moment for the trip, as we know it. We have a date with the OK Tire dealer in Campbellton NB to look at it on the coming Monday.

But for the moment all we can do is keep heading for New Brunswick, and keep topping up a constantly empty radiator.

From Cheryl’s journal: “Woke up the next morning to fog. Couldn’t see anything. Good thing we had done our sight seeing in the day before. We spotted a leak of something coming through the floorboards just before we had stopped in Perce. It’s pretty scary because it seemed every time the brakes were used it would come through on the passenger side. We talked to OK Tire in Campbellton, NB. (Didn’t really want to take it into a garage in Quebec with our language difficulties.) They asked if we could bring it in on Monday. Of course, why do things always seem to happen on a Friday. Made reservations at the Restigouche Experience campground and headed there.  Couldn’t see too much of the coastline as the fog didn’t lift till about 10:30-11:00. A couple of large towns along the way. Chandler and New Richmond. A beautiful warm day once the fog lifted. We drove over the bridge that divided Quebec and New Brunswick and another time zone. Now 4 hours difference between home and us.”

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