Day 20-22: July 22-24 New Brunswick

We took the motor home to Mundle’s Auto Service (OK Tire), bright and early on Monday morning.

They looked at it right away, and it didn’t take them long to diagnose the issue, a cracked heater core, as mentioned in a previous blog entry. These things cannot be repaired, only replaced.

This is where the age of the vehicle really worked against us; they simply did not make those cores anymore, in fact they stopped making those units around fifteen years ago.

However, the staff at the garage figured they could order up an ersatz part, and jimmy it in there somehow.

The first heater core they ordered didn’t fit, by a long shot. It didn’t just have to have the general shape and size, but also connections that had to go the right way. They ordered a second core. Of course, all of this takes time.

The guys and girls working at the OK Tire, and the owner, couldn’t have been more hospitable. When they realized these repairs would take days, they put us up right on the property, even allowed us to plug in to power.

We sat in their waiting room for days, chatting with whoever would listen–you can only explore that same small downtown Campbellton area so much. We even met a fascinating couple from Ontario who had years of camping experience on us, who had RV troubles of their own; an axle that had slid right out from their motor home.

From the journal: “Brought the motor home into OK Tire “Mundles” in Campbellton. Gary took a look at it and found that it was the heater core. Looked around for one but in the end had to order it and wouldn’t be here until Tuesday. So we went up to the Walmart parking lot. We walked back into town – probably 3 kms and had lunch. Found a Tim Hortons next to us and we were able to plug our stuff in to charge. Went back and hung out at the motor home. Played banarama and had chicken sandwiches for dinner and read for most of the night. With wishful thoughts of getting back on the road the next day we went to bed early.”

These images were all taken July 23.

From the journal: “We drove the motor home into the shop early so they could get an early start on it. Worked most of the day on it, but in the end the part they ordered didn’t fit. “Going to order a “non AC’ heater core as they were a little bigger” said Gary. They were so good to us at the OK Tire, they allowed us to park in the OK Tire parking lot for the night. We could hook up the water and internet. We met a lovely couple Lee and Gary Watson from around Timmins, Ont. They had lost their axle while driving. Scary, although they were only going 20 kms when it happened, they had been driving the whole day on the highway, windy, twisty with mountains and caverns. Their job expected to be $6,000 compared to our now $8-900 job. We walked around Campbellton again today. Not much to see, only one road with stores, although they have a nice walkway by the river.”

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