Day 27: July 29 Newfoundland

We make it up to Elliston (Bonavista), home to a colony of puffins.

Cheryl’s journal: “Off to the Bonavista Peninsula. The day started off beautiful but as we headed into the mountains the clouds came down to meet us. I use mountains loosely. I think the highest we climbed was 300m. As we got to the Peninsula, the clouds parted and became the best day of the year so far. Driving along we saw many towns along bays – beautiful country.” 

“Got to Elliston, our goal for the day. Breathtaking. We walked out to the cliffs to where there is a puffin colony. Watched them for half an hour. I could have stayed all day. The weather was perfect. I was surprised at how small the birds actually were. They come back to their nest every year to breed. They spend most of their time in the water. Very graceful as they glide along the air waves or water waves.”

From the journal: “Down to Champneys East we stopped to visit Bill and Linda (the couple we met on the ferry). A super nice couple. Took us out to the point to see if there were any whales. None to see, but the view was awesome. The town is made up of people from all walks of life. I could live there, and who knows maybe one day. Said our goodbyes and back on the road. Only 3 nights left and still lots to see.”

The view from Bill and Linda’s porch.

From the journal: “Houses in St. John and elsewhere are very colourful, and not just Jelly Bean Alley.

Conception Bay South is a fairly large city. Houses were going for $279k, same as our house in Courtney that I sold 30 years previous. $15k for an ocean view lot. Bill and Linda bought a house on the beach around Trinity (Bonavista Peninsula), they paid $12k for it 12 years ago. Because it’s designated as a fishing village (no town council) they don’t have to pay property taxes.”

After visiting Bill and Linda we camped at Thorburn Lake, Clarenville.

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