Day 29: July 31 Newfoundland

From Cheryl’s journal: “Left by 8. Went up to Cow Head, which is at the end of the Park boundary. Very scenic, right on the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Very flat with mountains in the distance. Cow Head wasn’t your typical Newfoundland village. There were duplexes and normal sized houses, mostly white buildings.

I find the Atlantic and St. Lawrence doesn’t have a smell like our Pacific. The Pacific seems to have a saltier smell. I would have liked to have gone further on R 430 but we are running out of time. One week is not enough. I’m not even sure a month would be enough. There is so much to see and do.”

“We went out towards Trout River. Very scenic with the flat table mountains and red desolate mountains. Reminded me of what I think Mars would look like. Onto Corner Brook. We thought we would stay at the Walmart, however we were not allowed. Passed Pasadena where I believe Cathy Leishman is from. Very picturesque with a nice, large lake and green foliage.”

Stephenville is on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland. It is the site of Ernest Harmon AFB (1941-1966).

The American base has had a huge effect on the local economy. We arrived right when they were celebrating their “Friendly Invasion” festival.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “Stopped at Stephenville and stayed at the Walmart. They were having a “friendly invasion”. They do this every year to recognize the cooperation between the Americans and Canadians during World War II. We went down to the beach to listen to music, enjoy a bonfire and watched the sunset. I thought this was something that my Dad would have enjoyed had he been with us. Put my feet into the Gulf of St. Lawrence. By the time we got back to the motor home I was pooped!”

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