Day 33-34: Aug 4-5 Nova Scotia

From Cheryl’s journal: “Woke up to a sprinkle of rain and a nice sun rise. Our vent panel had almost fallen off. The pin came out. Looking for a Canadian Tire. Looks Like Port Hawkesbury is the closest, 80km away. Marcel was up at 6:00. We will be there way before the store is open. Not so much traffic on the road this early. Got to town about 8:30. I thought it was Saturday, apparently it’s Sunday. It’s not open until 11:00. Went to Tim Hortons, always a Timmies close by. These Easterners love their Timmies! Walked around town for a bit. Finally 11:00 went to Canadian Tire but they didn’t have the right one. Marcel duct taped it up and on we went.”

From the journal: “Aug 5 Woke up to a beautiful day. Not as windy as yesterday. Went for a short walk. Found a couple of beaches along the way. Found a nice spot to have wine later. And we did have wine! Beautiful, peaceful, serene. Wasn’t too windy, hot or cold. Just right. What’s wine without chocolate. Pulled out a chocolate bar to have with our wine.

Cell service here wasn’t too good. Tried to call home and sometimes had a signal and then it would drop off or couldn’t call at all. A lazy day.”

Published by Marcel

Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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