Day 35-36: Aug 6-7 Nova Scotia

From the journal: “As we pulled out of our site, I asked Marcel if he had done a walkabout and he said yes. So I got in to drive away and our neighbour was standing there yelling at us. I got out and we forgot to unplug our electricity. Whew! Good thing for good people. We get going and Marcel is navigating. He put Halifax on the GPS and she took us in the wrong direction. We got back onto the scenic route and still couldn’t stay on the road we wanted. Marcel had enough so I got in the passenger seat and guided him. Too funny! Made our way to Sherbrooke and got groceries. Thought it was bigger than it was. Although we didn’t go right downtown.” 

“Stopped at a Provincial day park for lunch. On to Spry Bay where we found a campground and shower. Marcel cooked dinner for us and another lazy night.”

From the journal: “Aug 7 Woke up to leave and found that one of our headlights was cracked. Think either a bird or a rock hit it. Looked for the closest Canadian Tire and luckily only 10km from where we wanted to stay. Got the light and went to the campground via the “residential” route. Our GPS is set for the shortest route, not the quickest. A lot of times throughout our journey we found ourselves going through residential areas instead of taking the highway to our location.

Had a very hard time taking the light out. Finally got it out and then realized we had the wrong headlight. Back to Canadian Tire. We took the frame with us and found the right one. Back to the campground after stopping at Wendy’s for lunch. No problems once we had the right size. We bought 2, just in case.

Took a walk down to the beach area and found the trail was connected up to the Canada Trail. Hung around the camper for the rest of the day.”

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Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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