Day 39: Aug 10 Nova Scotia

Cape Sable Island is a small island at the southernmost tip of the Nova Scotia peninsula. It’s largest community is Clark’s Harbour. It is connected to the mainland by a causeway.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “Got up and got lots of clothes on. Outside looked like it was going to rain. Had breakfast and got ready to go. We got into a 12 ft. Aluminum boat and were given life jackets and taken to the Island which was about a 5 minute boat ride. This was a special day – Cape Sable Island Day. One day a year they open the island to the public to tour this magical place. We walked around the island, found the only residents on the island – sheep.  This island also has the tallest lighthouse in Nova Scotia (101’) The Island is the southern-most point of Nova Scotia.” 

From the journal: “As we walked around the light and fog horn were blinking and  sounding. Cal had planned to pain on the Island for the day, but the clouds came in and thunder and lightning. It rained for about 20 minutes and then let up. Blue skies opened up and it became a nice day. We left Cal to set her stuff up and headed back towards the boat. Marcel then told me he wanted to get underway and leave. I walked back to where Cal had set up. Bought 2 of her books and she gave me 2 of her beautiful postcards. Said my goodbyes and walked back to where the boats would bring us back to the mainland. Not sure it really was mainland as there is a causeway to get off the “island”. Dave picked us up. We had showers at their place and said our goodbyes to Dave and Ollie and headed for the Walmart in Yarmouth. Discovered they had a movie theatre close by so we went and saw Hobbs & Shaw. Excellent. 2 thumbs up from Marcel.”

Yarmouth is a port town located on the Bay of Fundy in southwestern Nova Scotia. The town sits in the heart of the world’s largest lobster fishing grounds.

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