Day 41: Aug 12 Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is another of the Atlantic provinces. It is the smallest province by land area and population. Its primary industry is farming. It’s capital is Charlottetown.

* * *

From the journal: “Got up not too early enroute to the ferry to PEI, at Pictou. Got there about 10:30 and the ferry left at 11:20. No fee onto the Island. We will see what it costs to leave PEI. Watched an eagle eat what looked like to be a dead crow from the deck of the ferry waiting for it to leave. Beautiful weather. Not much wind. We could stay outside on the deck. Had poutine again. Not as good as in Quebec, but it was the ferry.”

“Got to PEI 1 ½ hours later and started our trek going east first. Amazing. These huge properties either growing corn or potatoes – mostly potatoes slanting down towards the ocean. The houses were white washed. Small communities along the shore. A blue heron flew across the highway as we were driving by. I feel like Marcel is getting anxious. Feel like we are rushing through PEI. We’re not stopping to see anything. Wish we could stop to see the points with the lighthouses. Not able to cook anything as I might dirty a dish and use some water and use the tank. Still carrying food that I could have/ should have used up.”

“We stopped for the night at Campbell’s Cove Campground. Walked on the red sand beach and picked up some cool green coloured rocks. Put our feet in the water. Warmer than I thought it was going to be. Came back for beer and dinner. Leftover ham and pizza. Tomorrow onward to Charlottetown. “

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Diagnosed Huntington's Disease positive 2012. Diagnosed as Vegan 2014.

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