Day 47: Aug 18 Prince Edward Island

North Cape is at the northwestern-most extreme of Prince Edward Island. During the summer, Irish moss is commercially harvested from the shores around.

* * *

From the journal: “Left to explore the most western side of PEI. I could tell Marcel was done. He kept steering me to the shortest route instead of along the coast and then complained there was nothing to see. Got up as far as Tignish and he wanted to turn around. We had lunch in a parking lot. When I showed him how close we were to the North Cape, he agreed to go there. Finally, I saw a lighthouse. Most northern tip on the west side. I had thought to spend another night on PEI so I could grab some “cordial” (a raspberry drink) to share with the girls. Not to happen. Marcel wanted off the Island. So by 2:00 we were driving off PEI onto the Confederation Bridge and New Brunswick. The north part of PEI, even though there were potato farms and corn farms had more trees than other parts of PEI. Some of the houses were mansions – huge! Got to Dieppe, NB around 3:00. I need to go back to PEI. Felt very much at home. PEI and NFLD are favourites.”

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