Day 48: Aug 19 New Brunswick

Hopewell Rocks, also called Flowerpots Rocks, are a world famous rock formation at Hopewell Cape. Due to the extreme tidal range of the Bay of Fundy they are covered twice a day. However it is possible to view the formations at low tide.

If you google up Hopewell Rocks you get the images below.

* * *

From Cheryl’s journal: “Beautiful sunrise form the Walmart parking lot. On our way by 8:30. Stopped at Hopewell Cape and walked down to the “teapot” rocks. Nice walkway through the forest and then stairs down to the beach. The fog had rolled in a bit to give a little seamist. Still could see a fair ways. I went down onto the beach as Marcel couldn’t handle the crowds. There was a free tour and it was very interesting. Wish I could have stayed for the whole thing. Because of the shape “funnel” and the resonance and the perfect length makes the highest tides. As one high tide starts to go out the next tide is already coming in and because it has more force, it pushes the outgoing tide back in. Slack tide is like 9 seconds. If you had a large barrel under the Niagara Falls, and it took 21 days to fill it up – this is the same amount of water that comes in on one tide. These are some of the things that I learned on the tour.”

“Lovers Rock is 2 rocks holding each other up and looks like they are kissing. “Bear” rock beside it used to be joined but in 1980, the rocks fell away becoming separated. The Bear is standing up on its hind legs.  The river is also called Chocolate River.”

Saint John is a seaport city on the Bay of Fundy. It is the oldest incorporated city in Canada.

“Had sandwiches in Alma just before the National Park “Fundy”. The fog started rolling in harder and there was not much that we could see. Headed inland and the sun came out. Forested area, mostly conifers with some deciduous. Made our way to St. John. Thought to go to a campground on a spit just outside of Saint John. Drove one way and came to an overhead that said 3.2m and no motor homes, so we turned around. We took the ferry across to Quispamsis and started on the lower road. Came to a sign that said 2.6m max bridge. Took the first right and headed across the peninsula. Stopped and talked to the road crew at a market and they advised us that we could get to the Crystal Beach campground this way. The bridge was at Bayswater. So on we went. Came to Crystal Beach and no campground. Should have been suspicious. When I called it said “that line was not approved to receive incoming calls.” No fear, there was another one. On we went. The road took us right into the ferry line up.  Saw the campsite, it looked full, so onto the ferry we went. Decided to go to the Walmart. Ms. GPS took us on the scenic route again through residential areas. Came across a huge pulp and paper and tissue plant. The Reversing Falls. It was too foggy to see anything. By the time we got to the Walmart it was 3:30. Foggy. Seamist! And the fridge didn’t work. Time for a beer. Went to Eastside Marios. Delicious.”

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